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It’s not easy to take stock and analyse the mistakes a team has been repeating over many years. You need to consult with a professional who can give an independent external overview of these shortcomings. Working together, I help to identify and resolve the specific issues your company is facing. When you consult with me, you get intensive in-depth analysis, an objective assessment of your needs, and a plan of action to correct all testing errors.

The most common problems in software testing

Any of the above sound familiar?

  • We’re unable to maintain the quality of our product and our customers have started to complain

  • Testing is simply taking too long and we don’t know how to speed things up

  • We need automated testing but don’t know how to go about it

  • We want continuous integration but don’t know how to make it work

  • Our developers and testers aren’t on the same page and communicate poorly

  • We have no idea if our product is delivering in terms of quality

  • We do not know how to ensure quality in Scrum

What prevents companies from fixing these issues?

These problems are very common among development teams. Unfortunately, managers and team members often don’t know how to tackle the situation themselves due to a lack of experience. The result? They resort to easy but hamfisted solutions. Which always makes everything far worse!

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So how do you break out of this damaging cycle?

Because each project comes with its own set of problems, the causes are often complex and unique. Can’t see the wood from the trees? This is where I step in. Consider me you’re independent consultant. I’m not burdened with the team’s internal dynamics. I see things objectively, tell you where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to set things right.

What difference will I make to how you test?

A huge one! Don’t waste time and money on “exploring” deadlocks. My job as a consultant is to cut to the chase. I immediately identify problems. And then help you solve them.

By successfully implementing the changes introduced to you during your consultation, I guarantee you will increase the quality of your product. Letting your software run as it should.

Testing areas I specialise in

    • Ensuring the quality of your product
    • Test reporting
    • Test management
    • Automated testing
    • Testing framework
    • Agile testing
    • Testing issues
    • Early testing
    • Test planning
    • Testing processes
    • Testing strategy
    • Communication between testers and developers
    • Tester techniques and methodology
    • Continuous testing
    • Tools for testing and quality assurance
    • Recruitment of testers
    • Training and mentoring of testers

What do people I’ve worked with say?

“Radek took our automated testing to the next level. Thanks to his first-hand expertise and excellent mentoring, we were able to significantly reduce the release time for our new software upgrade.”

„I started working with Radek Kitner about a year ago. We wanted to improve the quality of our products and implement automated testing. Radek joined our team as an external member, taking a product-specific approach. So it was less a general workshop and more about deploying automated testing procedures to get the most out of each product in our portfolio. We’ve done a lot of work together in the past year.“

„Consulting with Radek over the past six months has been very beneficial for our entire team. Under his guidance we’ve taken major steps forward in automated testing, learning just how important an element it is in agile development. He’s very well prepared and always willing to help solve our problems. He’s also given us great tips on how to improve our testing processes.“

For important industrial automation software development project, designed as common baseline for multiple differentiated machines with high variability, Radek helped us to come up with testing strategy, meeting specific needs we have. His approach is down-to-earth, goal oriented, having in mind highest possible value for every implementation phase planned.

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