Workshop: Agile Testing

When & Where: 8th November 2019 in Brno, 14th November 2019 in Prague, or by appointment*

Price: €269 per person (excl. VAT)

Workshop duration: 1 day (9am – 5pm)

Who is the workshop for?

Testers, test analysts, developers, product owners, scrum masters & development managers

The ideal workshop for professionals looking to:

  • Transition to agile development
  • Overhaul a low-quality SW product
  • Become familiar with the principles and methodologies of agile testing
  • Ensure SW quality within a scrum framework
  • Resolve recurring testing issues
  • Integrate the latest trends in SW development and testing
  • Boost career development

In one day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement agile testing
  • Transform your testing skills through agile development
  • Avoid planning issues
  • Maintain SW quality within scrum ceremonies
  • Enhance the quality of your project
  • Win respect from within your agile team
  • Perform regression testing to prevent end-user bug leakage
  • Apply the principles of test-driven development (TDD)
  • Conduct comprehensive API & GUI testing
  • Automate
  • Communicate correctly as part of a team
  • Facilitate testing using bespoke tools

Key topics

  • Introduction to agile methodologies & their relationship to testing
  • Background & meaning of agile testing
  • Principles and methods of agile testing
  • Regression testing issues
  • Key takeaways of test-driven development (TDD)
  • Using the right tools for API, integration, & front-end testing
  • Automation
  • Strategies & recommended procedures for testers
  • Communication & the tester’s role within an agile team
* To arrange a specific date or venue, e-mail or call +420 608418689

What have people said about my workshop?

„An excellent workshop for anyone looking to understand agile development. I liked the practical orientation of the workshop, that the lecturer involved all participants and answered our questions – in general, very good. I also liked that the course is interactive.“
Roman Žáčková, Tester, Solitea, Inc.

„I learned a lot from Radek’s workshop. I especially liked the demo on automated GUI testing.“

Martin Pavelka, Tester, CCV Ltd.
„It was great to know the lecturer is an expert in his field. I had already attended a few workshops on testing but this was definitely the best.“
Jakub Pravda, Analyst, Insolvence, Inc.
„The best topic for me was about the role of the tester within an agile team, the idea that the tester is an invaluable component in its success! I was very interested in the automation part and had never realised just how important automation actually is.“
Štěpán Vašíček, W.A.G. Payment Solutions, Inc.
„This is a great way of leading a workshop, with a lot of time spent on discussing specific issues and in-course training.“
Blanka Štáblová , Head of the Testing Department at O2 IT Services, Ltd.
„My overall impression was very good. In particular, I liked the lecturer. I learned a lot both in terms of theory and putting those ideas into practice. Thank you.“
Daniel S. , Česká pojišťovna, Inc.
„An amazing workshop. Radek shared his experiences in everyday practice. As a lecturer he really is an expert, giving valuable insights into how things work across the board and delivering solutions to our problems. Thank you for the professional and enriching training.“
Hana Š. , oXy Online, Ltd.
„The workshop gave me a lot of new ideas about how to improve the way we test as a team and how to shake up established processes within the company. Overall the workshop was very beneficial.“
Martin S. , oXy Online, Ltd.
„Radek explained all the issues that weren’t clear to me and increased my learning in a stimulating way. I’d definitely recommend this workshop whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tester.“
Petra Polášková, Tester, EmbedIT, Inc.

„An excellent workshop. It broadened my basic knowledge on agile testing principles. A lot of time was devoted to discussing and analysing the everyday situations companies face. The lecturer was very professional and gave helpful answers to all our questions. He also created a very congenial atmosphere.“

Anonymous participant, at the Agile Testing Workshop
„I learned what testing methods our company should be implementing. The workshop exceeded my expectations.“
Zdeněk T. , ERA, Inc.

„I’ve recommended this workshop to all our software testers.“

Ivo Franěc, Tester, EmbedIT, Inc.

“Lector knew everything about issues concerning agile testing and was able to talk about our questions and solve our issues. He was really helpful and I am sure this will lead to many changes in our team.”

Jakub N. , oXy Online s.r.o.

„I was very satisfied with the workshop. The tutor’s enthusiasm and expertise really came across. It’s particularly suitable for those with little experience in the agile testing environment. Overall the workshop was really informative … and enjoyable.“

Eliška V., Česká pojišťovna, Inc.

„A brilliant workshop. I’m far more up to date on agile testing now. We spent a lot of time discussing common everyday issues. The tutor was really on the ball and open to discussing everything. A very enjoyable experience.“

Filip V. , oXy Online, Ltd.

„I really liked the approach the tutor took, adjusting the pace of the workshop so that nobody got left behind.“

Lucie Marcinová, Tester, CGI IT Czech Republic Ltd.
„The personal approach of the lecturer and the time he dedicated to discussion were great. The course has been a real inspiration for my future work, not only in terms of the agile environment. I was completely satisfied.“
Jaroslav Kubáň, Tester, Raiffeisenbank, a.s.

„A very well-though out, professional workshop with comprehensive insights into agile testing issues.“

Lukáš Gračko, Tester at CS Soft
„I recommend this workshop to any company looking to improve their testing processes.“
Jaroslav Klouda, Tester, Home Credit, Inc.

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Radek Kitner


Radek studied at the Faculty of Informatics at Brno University of Technology. Since graduating, he has gone on to work as a test automation developer and Scrum Master with many of the world’s leading companies including Siemens, Nokia, Tieto, Intel and Avast. Professionally accredited with several Czech and international certificates, he currently works as a freelance consultant to IT companies, providing professional solutions in the areas of testing and automation. Radek’s courses focus on collaboration and discussion, combining coaching elements through the application of useful practical advice and examples.