Solutions to your testing issues

Why are my company workshops right for you?

Even if you don’t have your own training centre, you still need to educate your employees and increase their skills. And to keep up in today’s competitive job market, you’ll want your employees to feel their professional development is being prioritised.

Having issues with testing?

Running into the same old testing problems and don’t know where to start? Looking to perfect your testing processes?

Then my company workshops TESTING IN AN AGILE ENVIRONMENT a THE BASICS OF SOFTWARE TESTING are just what you need!

More about my workshops …

Workshops can take place at your company’s premises – my only requirements are a projector/TV, a whiteboard/flipchart and a computer for each participant

Minimum of 3 participants, Maximum of 12 participants

Each workshop is tailored to suit your company’s unique requirements

Courses can take place online or in person

Workshop: Agile Testing

online and in person 1 day

Any of these testing issues sound familiar?

  • Our team is currently switching or has recently switched to agile development and we’ve realised our testers are out of their comfort zone
  • Our development team is either taking too long or failing to detect significant errors
  • We’re planning to switch to agile development and want our testers to be well prepared
  • Our testers are not up to date with key terms like integration tests, regression tests, etc
  • We’re out of our depth when it comes to modern testing techniques and need a fresh perspective on where we need to improve

Workshop: Software Testing Fundamentals

online and in person 1 day

Keep running into these same old problems?

  • We’re always hiring new testers from other positions or retraining testers
  • Our experienced testers are spending too much time training in new testers – meaning they’re less productive
  • Our experienced testers are specialists in their field but they’re not good at communicating what they know
Look no further! I’m a professional agile consultant with years of experience in mentoring testers and boosting productivity. Find out more about my workshops here.